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Self Publishing a book is a great way to test the water before a larger print-run but can also be a great means of sharing your story with your friends and family. We have found that a large number of our customers produce their life-stories, historical account of a village, or a work of fiction with only a handful of copies the main aim. However, as people they know read and spread the word they find themselves back at our door talking about a larger re-print.

Book PrintingDoes it have to be expensive?

No matter what your budget there is always a solution to fit what you have in mind. Whether it means a wirebound, a stitched, a perfect bound or a hard-back case-bound book, there is always a way to produce what you have created. With so many options available we would always recommend having a chat with us about what you have in mind and we can offer some advice on the best way to start about creating it. Danny or Bob will be more than happy to spend some time with you and discuss the most cost-effective way to get your hard work into a printed book.

Where do I start?

The best starting point is to get your thoughts down into words on a sheet. Whilst it is a lot more time efficient to do this straight on to an electronic format, if you only have access to a pen and writing paper then this is still possible to turn into a book!

Whatever you have to hand is fine to start working with and we often take a wide-range of original work in to us ranging from: handwritten notes and original photos, Microsoft Word continuous type, Formatted type with spaces left for images, Finished formatted pdf file with cover included ready to go straight on the press.

The more you are able to do yourself then the less time we have to spend on it before it is good to print; but do not be put off by this! We will happily talk you through how to set up documents or point you in the direction of some free software.

If you have the time and are willing, then anything is possible! Come and see us, or arrange a time for Bob or Danny to come and see you, and we will guide you through the whole process.

Be sure to download our free helpful Self Publishing Guide.

Self Publishing

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