From vegetables to hedgehogs – networking with a difference

We continue to work closely with I Roll Up My Sleeves and it has been fantastic to see the progress being made on the projects across the county.

On 29th September we attended the event at the Field of Dreams in Thurston. This was Danny’s second event at the Field of Dreams and we are really starting to build up a relationship with the site and the staff.

We picked up where we left off last time and worked to finish a second poly-tunnel and also a sales area for selling bedding plants in the Spring.

Every time we visit the Field of Dreams we are blown away by the progress that has been made purely from volunteer hours! If you haven’t visited yet, it is well worth a trip, especially for veg and for the little ones to see the animals.


On Wednesday 11th of October we also helped at Poppy’s Nursery in Earl Stonham. Poppy’s Nursery is a hedgehog nursery for poorly and abandoned young hedgehogs.

As part of our work we helped to build a new shed building to house the food and growing numbers of hedgehogs needing help. We also helped to clear roses and clematis to further create room for the future.

It is scary to learn how many hedgehogs are being brought in for care on a regular basis and the time and money needed to help them through their recovery is staggering. It is crucial to remember that Hedgehogs are now an endangered species and Suffolk is one of their last strongholds.

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