Sending Christmas wishes to our local area


Christmas cards are a fantastic way to spread a little Christmas spirit and send some good wishes through their letterbox. It was with this exact sentiment that we have been making contact to people throughout our local area.

A special Suffolk scene card was designed but our designers here and sent out in every village and parish magazine that we produce under our roof. This totaled a whopping 21,000 Christmas Cards arriving through people’s doors with their village news!

The exercise was meant purely as a warm hello to people in our area and we have been delighted to the response. Many phone calls have been made to our office wishing us all a Happy Christmas in return and this was our aim – to simply say hello during this festive period.

Celebrating the wonderful County of Suffolk is something that we love to do at any opportunity and it is with this in mind that we have also created a brand new company to be launched in 2018! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for ‘Anything Suffolk’.

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