Saving the Planet – one business card at a time

We are proud to announce to the world that Gipping Press have been partners with the Woodland Trust for over 2 years now and we have been quietly working away in the background to Capture Carbon.

But now is the time to shout about the benefits of what we are involved in and further explain how we can be your tool to help save the planet and Britain’s wildlife. The Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture scheme has been created to help offset Carbon that is produced in the creation of paper and then shipping it to printers to be printed on and make all sorts of printed products.

Clever scientists have worked out that a donation of only £8.50 will be enough money to buy and plant enough new trees to offset the carbon created in its production. To break this down into real terms; if you were to order 1,000 letterheads, 1,000 compliment slips and 1,000 business cards the donation that would be required to cover this would be only £0.80. That is only 80p!!!

How do I get involved?

To get involved all you need to do is tell us you want to Carbon Capture when making an enquiry and we will allow for the donation to be included in your estimate. We will then send a certificate at the end of the month to indicate how much woodland you helped plant and we can also place a Carbon Capture logo on your printing so you can show the world that you are involved.

Every year the Woodland Trust host a tree planting day for those who are helping with this scheme and in November Danny went along to help plant 2,000 new trees. It was a truly wet and miserable day but nothing that hard work, a hot cup of soup and good company didn’t improve.


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