Gipping Press proud to Roll Up Our Sleeves


Gipping Press Ltd are proud to announce that we are official sponsors of I Roll Up My Sleeves.

I Roll Up My Sleeves are a social enterprise based in Suffolk who have created a very different way of business networking that also offers benefits to the local area and community. It aims to bring together local business people to network whilst working on worthy causes within Suffolk. These can be anything from planting tomatoes on a farm which allows people with mental and learning difficulties to work in the fresh air, through to decorating a building to be used as a base for helping the homeless, or even to caring for baby orphaned hedgehogs!

IRUMS creator, Glenn Hoddy, explains how the social enterprise came to be:

‘Our Social Enterprise was started in March 2016 by me in Suffolk. After a couple of changes to my life I started to volunteer at a local care farm in Bury St Edmunds. It is an amazing place and makes a difference to the people that use it.

One main issue it had was that a list of jobs / projects as long as your arm, needed to be completed, which was something that the care farm workers were not able to achieve as it was too manual, and they did not have the volunteer man power to complete them. I had been around a few of the business networking groups and was tired of hearing the same things being spoken to the group. I was also amazed by the membership fees and some of the strict expectations from the groups of what you must bring and offer to the group.

From my experience at the farm and knowledge I decided it was time to set up an alternative way to network with other businesses that could support local community projects; creating an effective low-cost method for developing business connections, based on collaboration with businesses that can learn from each other in very natural & inspiring locations.’

If you are interested in finding out how more or would like to come along to an event as our guest, then please get in touch with Danny or, visit roll up my sleeves


In July, Danny attended an event at the Field of Dreams in Thurston. During the 3 hours on site, we helped to build raised flower beds and also plant tomato and pea plants. Field of Dreams will sell the produce when it is ready to be harvested and the profits made will go back in to the Farm to help those with learning difficulties and mental disabilities to spend some time out in the fresh air doing something productive.

You can find out more about the Field of Dreams by visiting

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