End of Term Update from Uganda


We have received in the post an end of term update for young Christopher who we sponsor via the Cogwheel Trust International and we couldn’t be happier! It is always nice to hear from Christopher but it is made all the better when we get such an impressive school report to go with it!

Christopher is currently second in his class and excelling in all subjects with a little room for improvement in Religious Education. It is nice to hear form his class teacher that he is a very promising boy and if we can play any part in helping him succeed then we would be very happy for Christopher.

Good work Christopher! Well done!

We also received a nice drawing from Christopher with this report and it is great to hold something in our hands that he has worked on. As you can see it is a lovely image of a flower (with a helicopter dropping a bomb in the background!) It made us chuckle anyway.

We have written back to Christopher via the Cogwheel Trust and sent him some goodies for Christmas – including one of ‘hot off the press’ 2018 Calendars. The hope is that he can hang that and look at some fantastic Suffolk scenes!

Supporting and working with the Cogwheel Trust has been incredibly rewarding for us so far and hopefully Christopher feels the same way. If you are interested in how you can get involved then take a look on their website www.cogwheeltrustinternational.org.uk .

Alternatively you can drop Kevin or Lorna an email at cogwheeltrust@yahoo.co.uk.

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