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One of the most enjoyable aspects of the work that we undertake involved producing books and helping people self-publish their work.

The type of books self-published through us cross a massive range of genres and fields but to have a hand in somebody’s raw words and research becoming a finished bound book is a fantastic process to be involved in.


One special book we helped with was a book entitled ‘Hat Box Moments’ which brought together letters between a loving couple sent to each other during the Second World War. The content was very personal to the family, as I am sure you can appreciate, and so there was a low number of copies produced but to a very high end finished book. The finished case bound and foil blocked books were hand delivered to family members as a surprise before they returned to Australia.

After completion we received a very nice letter accompanied by some photos and we would like you to read what an impact a book can have:

‘Thank you so much for pulling out all the stops and producing “Hat Box Moments” for us in time for the wedding.  As one of the family now lives in Australia, it’s unlikely that all six of us will be together for many, many years so it was a rare opportunity to be able to hand each family member their own personal copy of a book which has great meaning to each of them.

From the three children and three grandchildren of Violet and Len, whose letters from 1939 to 1945 formed the basis of “Hat Box Moments”,  we send heartfelt thanks for the wonderful book you have helped us produce.  Each copy will be passed through the family for generations to come, both in the UK and in Australia.  It’s taken more than 70 years for Violet and Len’s letters to have been finally collated and compiled into one great big book – and we gave you a relatively short time to get that book produced – but I hope you can see from these photos what your help has meant to us.  A big thank you from all of us …’

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