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Gipping Press was founded by Mr Mike Truscott in 1980 following Mike leaving the military and wanting to utilise the printing experience he had gained and bring it into the commercial world.

Following 2 years in different locations, including Needham Market Town Hall, the company moved to their current premises and have remained there for over 38 years.

Mike gradually built up the staff and machinery of Gipping Press until it became a very effective print house for the B3 printing market. Most competitors were B2 or larger and so being a B3 house really had a very niche place.

Upon Mike’s retirement in 2007, Bob Cuff purchased the company, after working for Gipping Press for several years’, starting as a printing press operator before moving up to management level.

As companies and individuals started to reign in their expenditure on all outgoings, the main focus for purchasing print moved to smaller but more frequent volumes. This change fitted very nicely into the B3 niche that Gipping Press was and through clever management the company continued to grow.

As the company continued to grow and invested in staff and equipment it became necessary to ‘up size’ and when the neighboring unit became available Bob jumped at the chance. In early 2014 the company took over unit 1 and increased their floor space by an additional 50%.

With the new space made available the company decided that now was the right time to join forces with another local print firm based in Rougham, Swaingrove Repro Ltd. The two companies joined forces in October of 2014 with Greg, Shaun and some of their equipment moving to Needham Market to quickly fill the space.

Through this process Bob sold shares in the company to make a management team of four. Greg who was the previous owner of Swaingrove, Jonathan who had been General Manager of Gipping Press and Danny, Bob’s son and previously production manager.

The new management structure allowed for more time to be dedicated on growing the business and looking at improving internal procedures and customer communications.

As well as a new management team the joining forces of 2 companies also allowed for Swaingrove to offer an in-house Litho Print option to its own customers and for Gipping Press to offer large format and a much-improved digital print option to theirs.

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